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Baird's popular monthly customer-service e-newsletter, The Patient Experience Post, provides timely feature articles, reading reviews, and tips for making your service efforts stronger than ever. Read below to see our most recent feature articles or feel free to print them for your own reference, but please include the required credit line!

Tactic Overload

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Patient satisfaction, and the patient experience have been in the spotlight for several years now, resulting in the emergence of a new profession. In 2016, the Patient Experience Institute (PXI) certified its first group of Certified Patient Experience Professionals. The community of people working in the patient experience field, began developing the certification process in 2012. Continue Reading...

Good Read: Hospital groups demand CMS postpone star ratings ... again

Ever since the CMS implemented a star rating associated with HCAHPS in 2015, there has been consistent backlash from several organizations. This article by Elizabeth Whitman, as well as the linked PDF, sheds light on the objections and raises some good questions. Continue Reading...

PXPs - Staying the Course When Things Get Tough

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Over the past few years, thereís been a new role emerging in healthcareóthe Patient Experience Professional, or PXP. Itís an important, but not an easy, role. Face it. There is a wide range of moving parts, and people in place at healthcare organizations. Continue Reading...

3 Steps for Engaging Physicians in the Patient Experience

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Face it. Physicians can be intimidating. Patient Experience Professionals (PXPs), though, canít afford to let intimidation keep them from providing the coaching and counseling needed to enhance the patient experience. Yes, physicians can sometimes be resistant. Yes, they can be impatient. Yes, they can even be demanding. But, theyíre in a critical position to impact the patient experience in both good, and not-so-good ways. We canít be afraid of them! Continue Reading...

HCAHPS and the Used Car Salesman

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My husband and I recently purchased an RV. Before we drove off the lot, we had a two hour introduction to our new vehicle. At the end of the session, our tutor asked us to fill out a survey about our experience. I was happy to, until he added this, ďIíll get fired if I donít get good grades.Ē I started to get into a discussion with him about the opportunity to learn from customersí experiences, but could see my husband rolling his eyes, so I left it alone, for the moment. Continue Reading...

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