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Baird's popular monthly customer-service e-newsletter, The Patient Experience Post, provides timely feature articles, reading reviews, and tips for making your service efforts stronger than ever. Read below to see our most recent feature articles or feel free to print them for your own reference, but please include the required credit line!

Good Read: Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

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Every Patient Has A Story. As a consultant at Baird Group, I frequently use that thought as a starting point for discussion with leaders and staff about the impact of individual actions and choices in everyday encounters. Continue Reading...

Is Analysis Paralysis Stifling your Patient Experience?

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It’s the current conundrum of healthcare (just ask the VA). Arguably every member of every healthcare organization would tell you that they want to deliver a positive patient experience, yet many organizations continue to fail to do that. Why? Continue Reading...

Good Read: 8 Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction, Patient Experience And (By The Way) HCAHPS Scores

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Journalist Micah Solomon writes on what actually improves the patient satisfaction, patient experience, and HCAHPS scores... Continue Reading...

3 Keys to Success in 2015: Priority, People, Processes

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As we move into 2015, the future of healthcare remains uncertain as the ACA continues to firmly take hold. There are some things we can count on though... Continue Reading...

Good Read: Service Fanatics by James Merlino, MD.

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I just read Service Fanatics, by James Merlino, MD., the former Chief Experience Officer for Cleveland Clinic. As much as I live, eat, and breathe the topic of the patient experience, you’d think I’d tire of the subject. Not so with Merlino’s account of his experience as the CXO. His use of stories keeps the reader engaged and you find yourself nodding in agreement as he reveals his trials and triumphs on the journey... Continue Reading...

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