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Baird's popular monthly customer-service e-newsletter, The Patient Experience Post, provides timely feature articles, reading reviews, and tips for making your service efforts stronger than ever. Read below to see our most recent feature articles or feel free to print them for your own reference, but please include the required credit line!

Good Read: 10 Reasons Why Healthcare Resists Change by Kriss Barlow; LinkedIn Pulse

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I read Kriss Barlow’s blog and felt it really hits home about why we hate change. For anyone who has tried to drag an organization kicking and screaming into making positive improvements, this one’s for you. Continue Reading...

Revenue Cycle and the Patient Experience

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Our medical mystery shopping work for hospitals and medical practices around the country has yielded some eye-opening insights, for both us and our clients. Foundationally, for any organization, it’s virtually impossible to understand the customer experience from the inside; they’re simply too close to the organization. Continue Reading...

5-Star Rating Comes from 5-Star Leadership

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In April, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the 5-star rating system for patient satisfaction. It’s a simplified approach to reporting The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) in a way that will, hopefully, be easier for the public to understand. The mandate is clear: healthcare consumers want an easy-to-understand means of identifying the organizations and clinicians that provide the best care and service, which most healthcare organizations are committed to doing. Continue Reading...

Good Read: n=1 by by John Koster, Gary Bisbee, and Ram Charan

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Don’t let the title of this book by John Koster, M.D., Gary Bisbee, Ph.D., and Ram Charan fool you. While the book is about the shifting healthcare landscape and the need to truly personalize the care experience, it also very much is a book about leadership. More precisely, it is a book about the need for leaders to ask the right questions, for a better shot at readiness for a bright future. Continue Reading...

Good Read: Only 251 U.S. Hospitals Receive 5-Star Rating on Patient Satisfaction by Sabriya Rice

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5-star ratings are here. CMS has released the 5-star rating system for patient satisfaction. Click here to read full article.

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