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It's Everybody's Job: Coaching the Coaches

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Coach is a word that has multiple meanings. With football season approaching, it’s likely that the first thing to spring to mind when you hear this word is the kind of coach that leads players to victory. Historically, a coach was a horse-drawn carriage—today we still use the word coach to refer to railroad cars, or to a certain seating section on an airplane. It can be a noun when we refer to a coach. It can be a verb when we say coaching. Continue Reading...

Good Read & Reflections from the Field

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This month, you’re getting a “twofer”. A thoughtfully written blog (the “good read”) has prompted some “reflections from the field” on my part.

The blog was originally posted on August 1 by Jason Wolf, President of the Beryl Institute. In it, Jason reflects on the contributions of Dr. Kate Granger to the patient experience, particularly the importance of introductions in healthcare. Her passion led to the creation of #hellomynameis, and a movement was born.

I don’t want to steal any thunder from Jason’s powerful blog, so instead I’ll share my own reflections here. Dr. Granger’s work, and Jason’s blog, moved me because I’ve seen the impact of introductions – and of knowing someone’s name – firsthand.

As a rookie healthcare "service excellence professional" over 20 years ago, one of my first assignments was to conduct a series of introductory customer service classes for frontline staff. I created - and delivered - the content to all three shifts of hospital staff, and across all disciplines. In the class, I emphasized (click here to continue)


Tactic Overload

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Patient satisfaction, and the patient experience have been in the spotlight for several years now, resulting in the emergence of a new profession. In 2016, the Patient Experience Institute (PXI) certified its first group of Certified Patient Experience Professionals. The community of people working in the patient experience field, began developing the certification process in 2012. Continue Reading...

Good Read: Hospital groups demand CMS postpone star ratings ... again

Ever since the CMS implemented a star rating associated with HCAHPS in 2015, there has been consistent backlash from several organizations. This article by Elizabeth Whitman, as well as the linked PDF, sheds light on the objections and raises some good questions. Continue Reading...

PXPs - Staying the Course When Things Get Tough

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Over the past few years, there’s been a new role emerging in healthcare—the Patient Experience Professional, or PXP. It’s an important, but not an easy, role. Face it. There is a wide range of moving parts, and people in place at healthcare organizations. Continue Reading...

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